Skipping Christmas



The world was still spinning from the news of the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, and it was spinning for meaning. Victor Frankl says that meaning actually comes from suffering, because meaning seeks to explain our pain, and in so doing, allows us to endure more of it. This piece was born of that notion. I wanted to find some purpose to the horror, some kindness in the cruelty, some syntropy in the entropy. My best art rises out of a need for meaning, and – by the time I’d finished this poem, in the 90 minutes I spent at Islands Cafe over a dozen refills of Diet Coke – I found something that worked for me.

Even though “Phenomenal Servant” was the first piece I slated for a “video poetry makeover,” it was Newtown’s piece that ultimately hit the internet first. And I think it was the response from family and friends who reposted the video a million times over that ultimately gave me the courage to continue. Who knew I could pull off a voice over?

Not me.